A one-stop resource for help on Auto Enrolment for financial advisers
The recent change in workplace pension law (which included the introduction of auto enrolment) has created an incredible opportunity for any adviser who recognises what the changes really require. A clear focus on workplace systems, not pensions.
But nobody seems to know how to help clients AND make a profit, until now.
If you answered yes to any of the questions above....we can help.
  • How to approach clients and professional partners
  • How to have a meaningful first meeting with the employer that sets the scene and gets buy in immediately
  • Stage 1 - How to position and charge for the report, and what to put in the report to ensure you move onto ....
  • Stage 2 - How to position and charge for the implementation and how this incorporates
  • Stage 3 - How to position the ongoing service and demonstrate their need for your services over the next 5 years plus.
It’s a system designed by experienced IFAs who have first-hand experience working with Corporates with Auto Enrolment. This system delivers results, so if you’re looking to work with the right partners to ensure that you’re able to look after as many of the millions of UK employers who need your help then let us know by registering your interest TODAY. To discover more about the Service we're offering visit our Services page, and checkout the free Resources we've made available to you.

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